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Are you a woman running your own business?

Do you live in the Hampshire area?

Would you benefit from the support and encouragement of other businesswomen? 


If you can answer yes to all three questions then why not apply to join The Flourishing Business Network.  This is a closed networking group for businesswomen living in Hampshire who are looking to network with like-minded women in a supportive environment.  We meet on the second Wednesday of the month from 10.00 a.m. – 12.00 p.m. in Eastleigh, Hampshire.

We aren’t like your normal networking group – there’s no hard sell and the focus is on you as the business owner rather than your business.

I don’t think I have ever attended a group that I have felt so committed to and got so much out of.  It’s really great to meet with other like minded women too and share our successes but also our challenges in what feels like a safe and supportive environment.”  Gill Rose Sports and Remedial Massage Hampshire

“I have thoroughly enjoyed and I have learnt a great deal in your group which has been very positive.  I think what you are doing is excellent and your using up to date psychological theory in your work.” Chris Riley – Artist

“You are really doing something good there and although i’ve only made it to about 4 meetings!!  Each one has been incredibly motivational, and spurred me onto the next steps.”  Heather Evans – Bespoke Biking

Membership of the group is capped at twenty so there is enough time in meetings for everyone to be able to talk about their current business challenge and to share their experiences. However, we are not a talking shop.  We are very focused on achieving our individual targets and growing our businesses.

The meetings are an opportunity to explore in a confidential and supported environment the critical issues facing your business so that you can leave the meeting armed with new ideas and renewed confidence in your ability to take your business forward.

Our current membership is really diverse we have businesses ranging from hypnotherapy to physiotherapy to accountancy. What unites us is our passion for what we do and our determination to make our businesses work.

If this sounds like a group you would be interested in joining then please complete the form below telling us a little bit about you and your business and why you want to join us.

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