The Effective Executive – Peter F. Drucker

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Blueeffective-executiveThis is one of the management classics and deservedly so.  Although, it was originally published in 1967, there is still much which is relevant today particularly his emphasis on the importance of strengths.  In fact it was the oft-quoted “to make strength productive is the unique purpose of organization” that led me to seek out the book in the first place.  Most research into strengths has been done since the 1990s so Drucker was well ahead of his time when he saw that strengths development was the way to align and make compatible individual achievement and organizational performance.

Drucker believed that effectiveness was something that could be learned although not taught.  It’s a habit that needs to be cultivated.  How do you do this?   Manage your time, know your priorities, build on strength and continually think about what you can contribute.

It’s written in a no-nonsense style with plenty of examples and can easily be read in a few days.  I have given it a score of 3/5 in recognition of the fact that the context of the book is the 1960s and many of the references relate to that period.  However, I think the theory underpinning this book is as relevant today as it was then.

Score 3/5


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