We could tell you how good we are, however, we prefer to let our clients speak for us.  Here are some of the testimonials we have received:

Mandy from CF – Community Development

“When I first met Tina I felt that anxiety was completely ruling my life and I had no control over it. Over 6 sessions Tina helped me to focus on my strengths, think more positively and she taught me some practical tools to help me overcome my fears. I still feel anxious at times, but following Tina’s advice I am much more in control and able to face the things I find difficult. I would certainly recommend Tina to anyone who suffers from anxiety or stress’”

Michelle Keeley – Human Resources Executive

“I found the visual method Tina used to describe my strengths very useful together with her insightful and detailed analysis of my unrealised strengths. Tina has a gentle but probing approach that worked very well to ease understanding of the results. Tina is an experienced and inspiring coach, her deep knowledge of the subject is very evident. I highly recommend Tina as a coach for individuals and teams alike.”

Gavin Meikle – Inter-Activ Learning & Development

“Tina is a superb coach who uses the Realise2 strengths assesment tool as a framework for maximising personal strengths. She was thorough, sensitive and supportive. Her coaching has helped me to reconnect with my unrealised strengths which in turn has given me more direction, energy and motivation. Highly Recommended!”

Andrew Jenvey – Principal at Aims Accountants for Business

“Tina has a fantastic and highly positive approach. She is genuinely enthusiastic about making a real difference to her clients, and indeed is making a real difference to me. I would highly recommend her to any individual or organisation that is considering engaging her – she will do what she says and more and make a big difference.”

Gill Rose – Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist

“Tina is an incredibly positive person who gives off a vibe that energises the people around her. She doesn’t just give you theory; she actually lives it herself and is very good at bringing it alive for other people. She is intuitive and very professional and approachable and has set me on the path to look at my vision for the future, set my goals and identify how I will use my strengths to help me realise my vision and develop my business further. I highly recommend her.”

Mariska Parent – Freelance Designer

“Tina’s method of coaching is very inspiring. She has an incredibly positive outlook and is very motivating. She allowed me to find my own solutions with gentle questioning. The whole experience was a revelation to me and I look forward to my next Strengths coaching session with Tina. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone looking to progress their business.

Alison Lee Flood – Textile Designer

“Tina is a very positive, caring person who goes that extra mile. The coaching she has given me has helped me to reconnect with my unrealised strengths which in turn has given me more direction, energy and motivation. I look forward to our network meetings where we are one large happy group. Here Tina holds workshops, catches up on each others news and encourages us all to ‘keep our green balls in the air’. I would highly recommend her to any individual or organisation that is considering engaging her – she will do what she says and more.”

Alison Gunn – Court Moor School

Tina worked with the Technology department within our secondary school to develop the strengths and skills of both the team and individuals to help us be more effective and recognise the potential of the department. Tina was extremely organised and professional in her approach, she has excellent knowledge and is an expert in her field, the whole team felt confident in sharing their skills and fears with her.

The feedback was useful and detailed allowing the department to make more use of individual strengths and cut back on unnecessary work load. We are now able to delegate jobs to the best candidates and now have a much more proactive and productive department. A lot of the coaching is reflective and colleagues felt that this had a very positive affect on their well being which has to be a good thing.” 

 Dr Ivy Man – Shirley Physiotherapy Clinic

Having undergone a highly productive coaching session with Tina I began to understand how and why I respond the way I do in various situations. On Tina’s recommendation I completed the Realise2 strengths assessment. The findings of my strengths and untapped potentials consolidated what I had suspected but the debrief with Tina also gave me a direction as to how I could use this information to my advantage in both my business and my personal life.

Tina has a very positive and enthusiastic personality which has inspired me to face my challenges head on. Her support, encouragement and advice have all helped me in setting challenging yet achievable goals to help my business grow and flourish. As a sole trader this support is usually lacking and so to have Tina in my corner is invaluable. From my experience I can unreservedly recommend Tina for her skills and expertise as a personal development coach and a strengths practitioner.”

Teresa Phillips – Owner, Berrywood

Tina worked with Berrywood whilst we were going through some growing pains and enabled us to review our strengths in a positive forward thinking environment. This enabled all team members to reflect honestly on the processes in the business and agree a strategy for moving forward. An enjoyable and valuable experience that has already produced results for us

Emma Golby-Kirk Creative Director & Co- Founder of Now Heritage Community Interest Company

I can thoroughly recommend the Realise2 Professional Development coaching offered by Tina Campbell. Following my completion of a Realise2 online assessment, I met with Tina to go through my personalised strengths report. This two-hour session covered both my realised and unrealised strengths and identified activities which drained me and activities which energised me.  I found the session extremely useful, not only in helping me clarify a way forward for the future of my business, but also in developing an action plan based on Tina’s insightful and constructive guidance on how to utilise my identified and unidentified strengths effectively. I have no hesitation in recommending Tina’s Realise2 consultancy services. The package was competitively priced and expertly delivered.”

Mark Holman Bow & Arrow Advertising Consultancy

“Bow & Arrow Advertising Consultancy is my new business start up. Its a great idea of mine but it is Tina who is helping me realise my potential and making my business work. Tina is my complete personal and business support network.”

Elaine Ehrenfried Designer Forage & Find

Tina inspires confidence with her in depth approach to developing individual strengths which is proving most beneficial to my company’s growth.
I would not hesitate to recommend her on many levels. As well as being an expert in positive psychology Tina is completely confidential and has a flair for linking up people’s skills so that they can maximise their abilities by working harmoniously with each other. She has a positive, accessible, warm approach and is driven by her vision of connecting people and enabling them to achieve their highest potential.

EB, Southampton

“I just wanted to express my gratitude for the many ways in which you have helped me.  It has been a pleasure and a blessing to know you.  You really are one in a million!”