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Emotional Intelligence

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By Daniel Goleman

Image of front cover of book Emotional Intelligence


This book is one of those books that I have been meaning to read for ever but somehow never got around to and I am so glad that I can now finally tick it off the list.  I thought I knew what emotional intelligence was, however, I understand now that I had only a small part of the picture.

Previously, I had always thought of emotional intelligence in terms of my ability to understand how I and those around me were feeling.  I regarded it as something that you were either good at or you weren’t.  Now, having read Goleman’s book I understand that it is so much more complex than this.  Emotional intelligence is not just one thing but a collection of things: (1) Self-awareness, knowing what you are feeling and using it to guide the choices you make ; (2) managing your emotions so that you remain in control of your thoughts and behaviour; Continue Reading »

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