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By Ricardo Semler

Picture of author Ricardo SemlerIf there’s one time I can’t resist reading a book it’s when somebody says that reading it changed their life.  I feel compelled to rush out immediately and get it so that I too can share in its life-changing wisdom.  I have yet to find a book that has had the same effect on me as it had on the one recommending it, however, I live in hope.  So it was inevitable that when Henry Stewart of Happy Ltd uttered those words in his book,  “The Happy Manifesto”, about “Maverick” that I would read it.

True to form I can’t say that it changed my life, however, it was a really interesting read and I would certainly recommend it both to those who are interested in applying principles of positive psychology to the workplace and to dissenters who do not believe it is possible to create a commercially successful business unless profit is king.

Ricardo Semler took over  Semco,  a Brazilian company, from his father in 1980 and has transformed it from a company run on a traditional command and control management style into an organisation which places employee participation and democracy at its very heart.  This transformation is all the more incredible when you taken into account the corruption, rampant inflation and the stranglehold of the unions on Brazilian industry during this time. Continue Reading »

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