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 Strengths for Education Staff

Schools and Colleges Benefit from Strengths-based Team Leadership Development

We are passionate about helping teachers and lecturers get the same life changing benefits as their commercial counterparts.  We know that teaching is tough and stressful.  We understand how the unrelenting pressures associated with Ofsted inspections, league tables and exam results can stifle creativity, innovation and drive. The strengths approach is the perfect antidote.

We help teachers find ways to spend more time doing what they do best so that they fall in love with teaching all over again.  By doing this we help develop good teachers into outstanding ones, and that has a positive impact on the whole school community.

Can a strengths-based approach actually make a difference to my school or college?

Absolutely.   We have worked with leadership teams, departments, and individual teachers and the feedback has been extremely positive.

  • Good teachers, who were considering leaving the profession rediscovered their original passion for teaching
  • Departmental teams started to work together differently, supporting each other and driving their department forward collectively

How does it work?

Our strengths approach is decidedly different to other teacher training initiatives.  There’s no en mass, one size fits all workshops or expensive off site training days.  We work with individuals and teams, in school, at a time that works for you.   This approach saves you time and money and also delivers sustainable results.

Stage 1- Discovery

Initially each member of staff will complete the online Realise2 assessment tool.  We will then conduct a 1:1 debrief with each one to help them understand and interpret their individual results. Successful teams are made up of motivated individuals.  The strengths approach is the ideal way to transform stressed, disillusioned or demotivated teachers and get them back on track.

Once everyone in the team has completed the Realise2 profile we produce a team report and conduct a group debrief to explore what the results mean for the team.   It is in this debrief that the magic really starts to happen.  Colleagues start to understand and appreciate the diversity of abilities within their team.  They see that by playing to each other’s strengths, they can spend more time doing the things that they are proficient at and which energise them.   The result is a team of resourceful, resilient and inspiring teachers, and a flourishing school.


 Stage 2 – Direction

Once the team understand their individual profiles the next step is to help them harness their collective strengths, in the service of their team goals.  We help your team create an agreed action plan that allows them to deliver on their team goals and spend more time playing to their own individual strengths.

Stage 3 – Development

We would be delighted to come back and work with your team, to ensure that they and you, get the most out of this new way of working.   It does take a little getting used to, and there may be a temptation to slip back into old habits.  Our regular team tune-ups will keep you on track.