Rubies in the Rubble – A company in touch with its “why”.

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I am not even that fond of chutney but the next time I buy some I can guarantee it will be “Rubies in the Rubble” chutney.  The moment of conversion came when I heard Jenny Dawson, founder of “Rubies in the Rubble” respond to an audience question at the Business Collective’s 2nd Annual Conference yesterday.  The question was about the long-term sustainability of her business model which is to make high quality jams and chutneys out of produce that others are throwing away – what’s to stop somebody else copying the idea, she was asked.  Without a moment’s hesitation Jenny responded that there was nothing to stop anybody – even Tescos – from doing the same and if her company achieved nothing other than stopping millions of tonnes of food being wasted every year in the UK then she would be happy.  That’s the answer of someone who knows exactly why they are in business and it show enormous personal integrity and commitment to her values.  It is exactly what Simon Sinek was talking about in his book that I reviewed last month, “Start with why: How great leaders inspire everyone to take action.”  She has certainly inspired me to take action I am off to Waitrose to make my first purchase.

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  1. An interesting idea as Tesco imparted 28,500 tonnes of wasted food in the last 6 months. Would they start to operate their own chutney out of this waste? That’s a lot of chutney!
    But I can see them marketing a brand of ready meals from these waste products; maybe called ‘Not so Perfect’ I can see this aimed at middle class shoppers eager to assuage their buying power with saving the planet. In musical terms it may be the old style equivalent of ‘Tubular Bells’.
    As for not worrying about supermarkets copying your idea as long as it is taken up to help the planet – this seems to me to be the marketing ethos of middle class mums with no real problems about paying the bills (are they paid for by a man?) Let’s face it – making chutney is a very middle class/ Kirsty Allsop
    type of thing.
    How many people on a low income buy chutney? …. pass the ketchup – thanks!

  2. yo says:

    pretty fantastic article! thanks

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