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Strengths for Individuals

Identifying and Maximizing Your Strengths is the Key to a Flourishing Life

We help you regain your focus and passion for life and business. Whether you are employed or self-employed, it’s all too easy to end up spending too much time doing things that drain you.  A single strengths session will help you refocus on your strengths. The effect is life changing.

Our Approach
We use a simple, three stage approach to help you rediscover your strengths and then to make the most of them.  You are in complete control of how far you go and how much you spend.

Stage 1 – Discovery

a)    Complete the Realise2 online strengths assessment

b)    90 minute 1:1  debriefing session to help you understand and interpret your report

produces a detailed report which identifies your current behaviours in four key areas: realised strengths, learned behaviours, weaknesses, and unrealised strengths.

It’s a fact that simply reading the strengths profile on its own won’t get you very far.  The debriefing session is an essential part of the process and is where the magic starts to happen. It is the key to unlocking the huge potential that lies in our unrealised or underutilised strengths.

“I was amazed at the insights I gained from the interpretation session.  I suddenly understood why I was getting tired, bored and frustrated at work.    I had got side-tracked into spending large periods of time doing things that I wasn’t naturally good at.  I wasn’t using my strengths enough.”


Stage 2 – Direction

Once you have a sound understanding of your current strengths profile, the logical next step is to want to explore what you can change.   Before you do, it makes perfect sense to step back, look at your goals and clarify what you honestly want from your life and work.

We offer a 60 minute Direction 1:1 session as the follow-on to the Realise2 assessment.  This powerful session allows you to set a clear direction that is aligned with your business and personal values.

Stage 3 – Development
Now you are in the perfect position to move forward and create a plan of action.   In this final phase, we can help you to marshal your realised strengths, maximise your unrealised strengths moderate your learned behaviours and minimise your weaknesses.  Again, whilst it’s not impossible for people to take this step on their own, many people like you say that this session helps them embeds the learning and develop sustainable new habits

This is normally a 60 minute 1:1 session and our clients tell us that it’s so much easier to achieve their goals when they are using more of their natural strengths.

“Before this session I felt like a car that was driving with the handbrake permanently on.  Afterwards, it was totally different.   I got my motivation and energy back, and life and work became more enjoyable and fulfilling.”



Can I book extra sessions?

You may find that these three sessions are all you need, but if you need help to keep your focus, you can buy more sessions on an ad hoc basis.