Beginning with the end in mind

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cropped-cropped-dsc02313-e1377250704362.jpgStephen Covey was absolutely spot on with his second habit of highly effective people when he said that they should begin with the end in mind.  It sounds so simple and yet it can be so hard to do in reality.  Take me for instance – I have been struggling for the past few hours to work out exactly why I am writing this blog for you.  What can I possibly offer you that hasn’t already been covered by far more eminently qualified people in the field of positive psychology than me?  In terms of ground-breaking academic research the honest answer is nothing.  But then I don’t suppose that is why you read a blog.  What I can offer, is to share with you my personal journey to a flourishing life and to introduce you to my fellow travellers along the way.  I hope that you will be able to join me for a short while at least and that en route you may find some inspiration and practical ideas that you can apply to your own life.

Now that you know where we are heading I am guessing that you might want to know a little about me before deciding whether you want to come along.  My name is Tina Campbell, I am 43 years old and I live in a small Hampshire town called Eastleigh with my husband Mark and the world’s most beautiful cat – Mitsy.  I am a strengths practitioner and director of The Flourishing Business Ltd and it is our mission to create thriving local communities whether that is families, schools or businesses.  To help me in my work I use the Realise2 strengths assessment tool designed by the wonderful people at CAPP – Centre for Applied Positive Psychology.  However, the real work begins after the strengths assessment is done when I coach people how to use those strengths to create a flourishing life.   For the reality is – as far as I know – that we only get one life so doesn’t it make sense to live it as fully as possible, exploring fearlessly just how good you could be and contributing as much as you can to the world.

That’s my kind of journey and you’re welcome along.

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  1. Ivy Man says:

    I completely share your view on making the most of your life and living it to the full – I look forward to following your blog so thank you for the warm invite!

  2. This is great Tina – Alice and I will follow with great interest – I particularly like your phrase ‘exploring fearlessly’ which has a great sense of boldly going forth into the world!

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