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    Feel good about your life
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    Set the bar high and don't stop until you get there
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    Focus on what you are good at and what energises you
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    Who says work can't be fun?
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    Success feels better when shared with others
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    What's your contribution to the world?
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    Remember who and what make life worth living
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    A world of possibilities is waiting for you





At work, do you have the opportunity to do what you do best every day?

Did you know that your long term success comes, not from focusing on your weaknesses, but from developing and realising your strengths?

The Flourishing Business works with both individuals and teams in business and education, helping them to Discover, Direct and Develop their strengths.

What are strengths?

In a nutshell, your strengths are the things you are skilled at and which energize you.  Contrast that with weaknesses which, by our definition, are those things which you are not good at, and which drain you.

There are actually two types of strength.  Realised strengths and unrealised strengths.  Realised strengths are the ones that an individual is already utilising effectively.  Unrealised strengths represent the vast untapped potential within your business.

Imagine how much more motivated and productive you and your teams could be if you could spend more time playing to your strengths.

A proven methodology that delivers real results

This isn’t some happy-clappy, mumbo-jumbo.  It is cutting-edge science and management theory, developed by studying teams and individuals that consistently deliver outstanding results.  When a strengths approach is adopted by individuals, and organisations, they flourish.

How do I know what my strengths are and if I am using them?

To get an accurate picture of your current behaviours we use the Realise2 strengths assessment and development tool. It’s a sophisticated online questionnaire that looks at 60 different strengths and produces a detailed report which identifies your realised strengths, learned behaviours, weaknesses and unrealised strengths.  Of course, an awareness of your strengths profile on its own won’t get you very far.  It’s only the first step on the journey to higher performance.  The magic actually happens when we tap into that hidden reservoir of unrealised strengths.

Image of a man with his arms outstretched stood on a mountain top at dawn

Strengths for Individuals

We help you regain your focus and passion for life and business. Whether you are employed or self-employed, it’s all too easy to end up spending too much time doing things that drain you.  A single strengths session will help you refocus on your strengths. The effect is life changing. Discover more… 


Image of a work team celebrating success

Strengths for Business

We work with individuals and teams within businesses to help them deliver better business results. Individuals who utilise their strengths are more motivated, more creative and more productive.  Teams who understand and harness their strengths quickly outperform those that don’t both in terms of productivity and profitability.  Discover more 


Image of a head full of booksStrengths for Education Staff

We are passionate about helping teachers and lecturers get the same life changing benefits as their commercial counterparts.  We know that teaching is tough and stressful.  We understand how the unrelenting pressures associated with Ofsted inspections, league tables and exam results can stifle creativity, innovation and drive. The strengths approach is the perfect antidote. Discover more